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CPD seminar papers available for purchase

The following CPD seminar papers are available for purchase at a cost of $25 per seminar:

  • Solicitors Rule 57 - Ethics, Workplace Bullying and Costs (21 March 2014)
    Speakers: Linden Barnes, Elizabeth Radley and John Fleming

  • e-Conveyancing (9 May 2014)
    Speakers: Belinda Le Fevre, Brendan Smart and Tony Cahill

  • Personal Property Securities Act (25 July 2014)
    Speakers: Michael Piotrowicz, Alex Ottaway and Leigh Adams

  • NCAT Practice (29 August 2014)
    Speakers: Allison Benson and Reg Connolly (note that Simon McMahon's paper is available on the Hunter Street Chambers website)

  • Complaints, Legal Conflicts and New Solicitors' Rule 42 (31 October 2014)
    Paper available: Penny Thew (PPT handout)

  • Conveyancing and e-Conveyancing Update (7 November 2014)
    Speaker: Tony Cahill

Purchase the above papers by completing the Purchase Order Form and forwarding to the Secretariat Office by post, fax or email as per instructions on the form.

Papers presented by Jason Hale and Jahan Kalantar at the Evidence and Bail in Criminal Law Practice Seminar can be downloaded for free by clicking on the following links:

These papers are also available on the Hunter Street Chambers website.

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