Our Mentors

From time to time it may be necessary to seek guidance in relation to difficult circumstances which can arise in legal practice.

The below list of senior members of the Newcastle legal profession have kindly advised that they are willing and able to field enquiries from solicitors in our region and provide mentorship. Please feel free to reach out to any of the below mentors regardless of specific practice area.

Whilst it is not expected that the mentors listed below will be able to provide a solution to every client specific or matter specific problem, they may be able to suggest other avenues of enquiry.

Mentors do not report to the Newcastle Law Society and assistance is provided on a confidential basis.


Name & Firm

Field of Law



Nicholas Dan Wills, Estates, Contested Estates and Property 4904 8030 nicholas@nicholasdan.com.au
Warwick Gilbertson
Turnbull Hill Lawyers
Family/Estates/Equity ++ 4904 8063 wgilbertson@turnbullhill.com.au
John Hollier
John Hollier Consultant Solicitor
Business/Property/Equity 0414 502 144 john@jwhlaw.com.au
David Jones
Carroll & O'Dea Lawyers
Personal Injury 4032 1700 djones@codea.com.au
Peter Kilmurray
Kilmurray Lawyers
Property/Commercial/Litigation ++ 4926 2433 peter@kilmurraylawyers.com.au
Emma Mead
Burke & Mead Lawyers
Personal Injury 4902 3800 emead@burkemeadlawyers.com.au
Kristy Nunn
Mullane & Lindsay Solicitors
Professional Indemnity/Litigation 4928 7300 kristy.nunn@mullanelindsay.com.au
Sean O'Sullivan
Moray & Agnew Lawyers
Building & Construction 4911 5433 sosullivan@moray.com.au
Mark Ramsland
Ramsland Laidler Solicitors
Crime 4929 7979 mark@ramsland.com.au
Darran Russell
Rankin Ellison Lawyers
Insurance/Risk 4929 9333 dkr@rankinellison.com.au
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